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O’. Multiplex targeted sequencing identifies recurrently mutated genes in autism spectrum disorders.
Added: 2017/03/06 01:42:57
BJ Roak
Pöschl, V. , mischer Staatsgesinnung in den Geschichtswerken des Sallust.
Added: 2017/02/27 13:23:05
R Grundwerte
Berlin De Gruyter
Antibiogram Typing and Biochemical Characterization of Klebsiella pneumoniae after Biofield Treatment
Added: 2017/12/18 13:16:57
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Harish Shettigar , Mayank Gangwar , Snehasis Jana
Journal of Tropical Diseases
Anatomy of body water and electrolytes.
Added: 2017/01/17 17:40:07
I S Edelman , J Leibman
The American journal of medicine
John’s Apologetic Christology: Legitimation and Development in Johannine Christology.
Added: 2017/02/27 14:14:12
J McGrath

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Created: 2017/03/14 23:33:44
Acute Kidney Injury
Created: 2017/01/18 22:41:39
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Created: 2017/04/26 23:51:09
Hội nghị-Hội thảo
Created: 2017/08/04 15:23:37

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Blum. T, Zhu. Y, Nordeen. S, Yoon. T. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53,11056.
Added: 2018/07/15 02:18:27
Vitamin D3 and Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment Modality on Human Osteoblast Cells
Added: 2018/07/12 19:51:35
Jay Antony Prague , Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Gopal Nayak , Sambhu Charan Mondal , Snehasis Jana
Journal Of Food Processing & Beverages
Influenced of Biofield Energy Healing Treatment on Vitamin D3 for the Assessment of Bone Health Parameters in MG-63 cells
Added: 2018/07/12 14:18:52
Dianne Heather Vincent , Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Gopal Nayak , Sambhu Charan Mondal , Snehasis Jana
International Journal of Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology
The impact of supply chain integration on performance: A contingency and configuration approach
Added: 2018/07/12 00:26:11
BB Flynn , B Huo , X Zhao
Journal of Operations Management
Role of Vitamin D3 on Alkaline Phosphatase, Collagen, and Bone Mineralization: Impact of Biofield Energy Healing Treatment
Added: 2018/07/11 20:38:47
Bonnie Patrice Hegarty-Diaz , Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Gopal Nayak , Sambhu Charan Mondal , Snehasis Jana
American Journal of Health Research

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Research Tools
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A selection of tools helping researchers to better manage manuscript writing, publishing, and outreach.
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Journal Selection
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resources for journal selection
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Articles from Journals
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B. Saygin, and C.
Viewed: 64619
M Guc , Y May , GPS , AGILE
Korner Semantic Annotation of in 11th Conference on Geographic Information Science Spain pp
Mining time-dependent attractive areas and movement patterns from taxi trajectory data
Viewed: 64497
Yang Yue , Yan Zhuang , Qingquan Li , Qingzhou Mao
Geoinformatics, 2009 17th International Conference on
L. O. d. Moelans, and S.
Viewed: 64484
V Alvares , JF Bogorny , B Macedo
Spaccapietra Dynamic modeling of trajectory patterns using data mining and reverse engineering in TwentySixth International Conference on Conceptual ModelingER Tutorials Posters Panels and Industrial Contributions vol pp
Y. Ishikawa, "Spatio-temporal Data Mining from Moving Object Trajectories" in 4th Symposium on Intelligent Media Integration for Social Information Infrastructure: Intelligent Media Integration Nagoya University pp.
Viewed: 64446
Understanding big data: Analytics for enterprise class hadoop and streaming data
Viewed: 64388
Zikopoulos P , Eaton C
2011 - dl.acm.orgAbstract Big Data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization

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Water & zout
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This is a collection of nonunion related to fractures
Water & zout (1)
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