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A biomechanical study of bankart lesion fixation - biodegradable ArthroRivet tack vs. suture repair.
Added: 2017/02/27 17:09:13
Kevin J Collins , Debi P Mukherjee , Alan L Ogden , Kalia K Sadasivan , James A Albright , William S Pietrzak
Journal of investigative surgery : the official journal of the Academy of Surgical Research
Truong Dai hoc Bach Khoa
Added: 2017/08/04 15:23:02
Le Hoang Tuan , Bach Khoa
Treatment of common cutaneous herpes simplex virus infections.
Added: 2017/02/12 10:16:23
D H Emmert
American family physician
Biologic variability in mechanical ventilation rate and tidal volume does not improve oxygenation or lung mechanics in canine oleic acid lung injury.
Added: 2017/08/04 15:23:37
A J Nam , R G Brower , H E Fessler , B A Simon
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine
Le Patronat sur les collectivités publiques des origines au Bas-Empire.
Added: 2017/02/27 15:43:54
L Harmand
Paris Presses universitaires de France

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Created: 2016/10/28 12:07:44
Psyc net
Created: 2010/11/11 16:21:35
My Collections
Created: 2016/12/07 16:58:10
Stem Cell Homing
Created: 2010/11/04 11:36:06
This is related to stem cell homing. In particular it is the list of references in my publication. Please write to me to suggest additional article.
Created: 2010/11/08 14:58:01

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AnewadvanceintheapplicationofMonteCarlo simulationtotheriskanalysisofBuild-Operate- Transferprojects
Added: 2017/10/13 17:31:33
Both Positive and Negative Fluid Balance May Be Associated With Reduced Long-Term Survival in the Critically Ill.
Added: 2017/10/12 16:06:04
Vikram Balakumar , Raghavan Murugan , Florentina E Sileanu , Paul Palevsky , Gilles Clermont , John A Kellum
Critical care medicine
A prelearning manipulation falsifies a pure associational deficit account of retrieval shift during skill acquisition.
Added: 2017/10/11 22:36:25
JC Hines , C Hertzog , D Touron
Aging Neuropsychology and Cognition doi 10108013825585630718
Successful strategies to engage research partners for translating evidence into action in community health: a critical review.
Added: 2017/10/11 18:43:25
Jon Salsberg , David Parry , Pierre Pluye , Soultana Macridis , Carol P Herbert , Ann C Macaulay
Journal of environmental and public health
Báo cáo tổng kết dự án điều tra cơ bản. Phần 1.Trượt lở đường Hồ Chí Minh, phân vùng nguy cơ trượt lở và đề xuất các giải pháp giảm thiểu.
Added: 2017/10/10 15:30:51
Nguyễn Văn Hoàng. Trần Trọng Huệ
Hà Nội

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Created: 2017/10/10 15:30:43
Water & zout 1
Created: 2017/10/03 18:27:41
Created: 2017/09/14 04:42:56
Originality Check
Created: 2017/09/01 00:04:55
Created: 2017/08/15 14:46:17

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B. Saygin, and C.
Viewed: 34870
M Guc , Y May , GPS , AGILE
Korner Semantic Annotation of in 11th Conference on Geographic Information Science Spain pp
L. O. d. Moelans, and S.
Viewed: 34821
V Alvares , JF Bogorny , B Macedo
Spaccapietra Dynamic modeling of trajectory patterns using data mining and reverse engineering in TwentySixth International Conference on Conceptual ModelingER Tutorials Posters Panels and Industrial Contributions vol pp
Mining time-dependent attractive areas and movement patterns from taxi trajectory data
Viewed: 34811
Yang Yue , Yan Zhuang , Qingquan Li , Qingzhou Mao
Geoinformatics, 2009 17th International Conference on
Y. Ishikawa, "Spatio-temporal Data Mining from Moving Object Trajectories" in 4th Symposium on Intelligent Media Integration for Social Information Infrastructure: Intelligent Media Integration Nagoya University pp.
Viewed: 34802
Understanding big data: Analytics for enterprise class hadoop and streaming data
Viewed: 34758
Zikopoulos P , Eaton C
2011 - dl.acm.orgAbstract Big Data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization

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Water & zout
Viewed: 1102
Viewed: 1076
This is a collection of nonunion related to fractures
Collections of Social media articles
Viewed: 783
Viewed: 677
Viewed: 653
This collection of references is based on Cardioprotection induced by Na1/K1-ATPase activation involves extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 and phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt pathway: Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a common, costly, disabling, and deadly condition in which a problem with the st ...

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