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Evaluation of the Isotopic Abundance Ratio in Biofield Energy Treated Resorcinol Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Technique
Added: 2018/04/07 19:49:45
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Gopal Nayak , Parthasarathi Panda , Snehasis Jana
Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta
Josephus and Greek literature in Flavian Rome’, in J.
Added: 2017/02/27 15:15:19
C Jones , S Edmondson
Subtypes and proportions of cerebrovascular disease in an autopsy series in a Japanese geriatric hospital.
Added: 2018/05/27 00:24:40
H Yamanouchi , H Shimada , K Kuramoto
Klinische Wochenschrift
Characterization of Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Biofield Treated Ethyl Cellulose and Methyl Cellulose
Added: 2018/04/05 12:40:20
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Gopal Nayak , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Rakesh Kumar Mishra , Snehasis Jana
International Journal of Biomedical Materials Research
Doping, Performance-Enhancing Drugs, and Hormones in Sport
Added: 2019/01/07 03:03:53
Anthony C. Hackney , Anthony C Hackney , Elsevier

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Rituximab induction therapy for de novo ANCA associated vasculitis in pregnancy: a case report.
Added: 2019/01/19 06:07:55
Claire Harris , Judith Marin , Monica C Beaulieu
BMC nephrology
"It can be challenging, it can be scary, it can be gratifying": Obstetricians' narratives of negotiating patient choice, clinical experience, and standards of care in decision-making
Added: 2019/01/14 16:18:04
L Diamond-Brown
Social science & medicine (1982)
Exploration of the Influence of Factors Identified in the Literature on School-Aged Childrens Emotional Responses to Asthma
Added: 2019/01/14 15:51:54
Veronica Garcia Walker
Journal of pediatric nursing
Antibiotics for urethral catheterization in children undergoing cystography: retrospective evaluation of a single-center cohort of pediatric non-toilet-trained patients.
Added: 2019/01/14 15:39:18
Pierluigi Marzuillo , Stefano Guarino , Tiziana Esposito , Giuseppina Campana , Michela Stanco , Pier Francesco Rambaldi , Emanuele Miraglia Del Giudice , Angela La Manna
European journal of pediatrics
A test for concentration of electrolytes in sweat in cystic fibrosis of the pancreas utilizing pilocarpine by iontophoresis.
Added: 2019/01/14 15:37:40
LE Gibson , RE Cooke
Pediatrics PubMed

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B. Saygin, and C.
Viewed: 88468
M Guc , Y May , GPS , AGILE
Korner Semantic Annotation of in 11th Conference on Geographic Information Science Spain pp
L. O. d. Moelans, and S.
Viewed: 88341
V Alvares , JF Bogorny , B Macedo
Spaccapietra Dynamic modeling of trajectory patterns using data mining and reverse engineering in TwentySixth International Conference on Conceptual ModelingER Tutorials Posters Panels and Industrial Contributions vol pp
Mining time-dependent attractive areas and movement patterns from taxi trajectory data
Viewed: 88327
Yang Yue , Yan Zhuang , Qingquan Li , Qingzhou Mao
Geoinformatics, 2009 17th International Conference on
Y. Ishikawa, "Spatio-temporal Data Mining from Moving Object Trajectories" in 4th Symposium on Intelligent Media Integration for Social Information Infrastructure: Intelligent Media Integration Nagoya University pp.
Viewed: 88323
Understanding big data: Analytics for enterprise class hadoop and streaming data
Viewed: 88258
Zikopoulos P , Eaton C
2011 - dl.acm.orgAbstract Big Data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization

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