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IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics 22 (11): 2395-2404 (2016)

A Real-Time Augmented Reality System to See-Through Cars

Francois Rameau , Hyowon Ha , Kyungdon Joo , Jinsoo Choi , undefined , In So Kweon , undefined
One of the most hazardous driving scenario is the overtaking of a slower vehicle, indeed, in this case the front vehicle (being overtaken) can occlude an important part of the field of view of the rear vehicle's driver. This lack of visibility is the most probable cause of accidents in this context. Recent research works tend to prove that augmented reality applied to assisted driving can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. In this paper, we present a real-time marker-less system to see through cars. For this purpose, two cars are equipped with cameras and an appropriate wireless communication system. The stereo vision system mounted on the front car allows to create a sparse 3D map of the environment where the rear car can be localized. Using this inter-car pose estimation, a synthetic image is generated to overcome the occlusion and to create a seamless see-through effect which preserves the structure of the scene.

ISSN: 1077-2626