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This collection of references is based on Cardioprotection induced by Na1/K1-ATPase activation involves extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 and phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt pathway: Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a common, costly, disabling, and deadly condition in which a problem with the st ... (more)
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Why big data isn't enough

MIT Sloan Management Review , Volume 58 , Issue 2 (2017)
S Chai , W Shih

First Report on Malaysia's experiences and development in biogas capture and utilization from palm oil mill effluent under the Economic Transformation Programme: Current and future perspectives

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , Volume 74 (2017)
SK Loh , AB Nasrin , S Mohamad Azri , B Nurul Adela , N Muzzammil , T Daryl Jay , RA Stasha Eleanor , WS Lim , YM Choo , M Kaltschmitt

Economic review of different designs of biogas plants at household level in Pakistan

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , Volume 74 (2017)
A Yasar , S Nazir , R Rasheed , AB Tabinda , M Nazar

Economic analysis of biogas adoption technology by rural farmers: The case of Faisalabad district in Pakistan

Renewable Energy , Volume 107 (2017)
T Abbas , G Ali , SA Adil , MK Bashir , MA Kamran

Development of an optimal biogas system design model for Sub-Saharan Africa with case studies from Kenya and Cameroon

Renewable Energy , Volume 109 (2017)
GV Rupf , PA Bahri , K de Boer , MP McHenry

Socio-economic, health and agriculture benefits of rural household biogas plants in energy scarce developing countries: A case study from Pakistan

Renewable Energy , Volume 108 (2017)
A Yasar , S Nazir , AB Tabinda , M Nazar , R Rasheed , M Afzaal

Waste bio-refineries for the cassava starch industry: New trends and review of alternatives

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , Volume 73 (2017)
AS Sánchez , YL Silva , RA Kalid , E Cohim , EA Torres

Green science: Independent building technology to mitigate energy, environment, and climate change

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , Volume 73 (2017)
MF Hossain

Thermo-environ-economic modeling and optimization of an integrated wastewater treatment plant with a combined heat and power generation system

Energy Conversion and Management , Volume 142 (2017)
S Lee , IJ Esfahani , P Ifaei , W Moya , C Yoo