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Anuario de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales 1: 147-164 (2015)

Contribution of the Science, the Technology and the Innovation of the Universidad de Oriente to the Local Economic Revitalizing

Victor Salvador Soulary–Carracedo , Raimundo Lora–Freyre
The main objective of the research is to design a methodology to evaluate the contribution of the science, the technology and the innovation of universities to the local economic revitalizing. The scientific novelty resides in a sequence of procedures, based on administration, statistical and mathematical modeling methods that constitutes a tool for the qualitative improvement of this relationship. The application of the methodology in the Universidad de Oriente allowed to verify that if the optimal structure of scientific projects is implemented it would increase, in the year 2017, the economic impact of the scientific projects in 5% like average, what would improve the efficiency in the use of the financial and human resources, as well as the relevancy of its results. Also, the partial implementation of the proposed plan of actions, it has impacted positively on the detected problems denoting a more favorable situation that the one evaluated initially.