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Spaceship to harness radiations in interstellar flights

William J Carmouche
A spaceship is provided with a freely spinning propeller mounted on the front end. The propeller significantly reduces resistance to flight and also deflects space particles which might otherwise slow the craft. The sides of the spacecraft have ridges which are coated on the front side with radiation reflecting material and on the back side with radiation absorbing material. The resultant force of radiations being absorbed from the rear and reflected from the front propels the spacecraft forward.
Claims What I claim is:1. A craft for flight in the atmosphere or space, comprising a cylindrical body having a front end and a rear end, propulsion means positioned in said rear end, and a propellermounted about a shaft extending from said front end, said propeller being rotatable about and independent of said shaft.2. A craft according to claim 2 wherein said cylindrical body further comprises a plurality of annular ridges spaced on an outer side of said body, each of said ridges having a front s...