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Validation of a full-scale membrane bioreactor for water recycling: characterising process variability

BVD Akker , T Trinh , HM Coleman , RM Stuetz , P Le-Clech
This study characterised the removal of five indigenous microbial indicators through a full-scale membrane bioreactor. Samples were taken from the raw sewage, mixed liquor and permeate and assayed for F-specific RNA bacteriophage, sulphite reducing clostridia, enterococci, E. coli and total coliforms. Log10 removal values for vegetative bacteria were in the range of 5.0 鈥 5.9 log10 units, and for clostridia, they were marginally lower at 4.9 log10 units. The removal of FRNA bacteriophage was in excess of 4.9 log10 units. This study also used probabilistic tools to characterise process variability. The data presented in this paper can be used to better inform the risk management of membrane bioreactors that are used in water recycling schemes.