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Lancet 1 (8432): 781-4 (1985)

Increased vascular permeability: a major cause of hypoalbuminaemia in disease and injury.

A Fleck , G Raines , F Hawker , J Trotter , P I Wallace , I M Ledingham , K C Calman
The rate of loss of albumin to the tissue spaces (measured as transcapillary escape rate) rose by more than 300% in patients with septic shock, and the average increase within 7 h of cardiac surgery was 100%. The transcapillary escape rate in cachectic cancer patients was twice that of a group of healthy individuals. The rate of loss of albumin to the tissue spaces is normally 5%/h, which is more than 10 times the rates of synthesis and catabolism, and these large rate increases indicate that increased vascular permeability is an important cause of the lowered concentration of albumin commonly seen in acute and chronic disease.