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Consent form: Title of Research Project: Knowledge, attitude and practice of kidney stone. My name is Dr. M .Faisal Mehar. I am a Paediatrition at Nishtar Medical University . I am conducting a study to investigate knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding prevention of kidney stone disease. The research is being conducting among Post Graduate Students in paediatric units. You have been selected to participate in this study. If you are willing to participate I will ask you several questions regarding your practice in disease prevention. The interview will last no more than 15 minutes. Your participation in the study is voluntary. You may skip any question you think is inappropriate and even stop the interview at any moment. You can ask any questions you may have about this research study. Your participation in the study poses no risk for you. The information obtained from you is important for the study. There is no direct benefit from the participation in this interview, but your participation in this study will help to understand how to improve medical care for kidney stone disease patients. The information you provide is fully confidential and will be used only for the study. Your name will not appear on the questionnaire. Only general findings will be presented in the report. Your contact information will be destroyed upon completion of data collection. If you have more questions about this study you can contact by calling at 03216359683. If you consent to participate, we can start.


knowledge, attitude and practice patterns among Post graduate students of tertiary care hospital pediatric units in South Punjab for the prevention of recurrent urolithiasis in children.