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N Galli
The problems of poor health among Puerto Ricans today are compounded by their cultural traditions. Many Puerto Ricans still rely on folk medicine to cure their ills. One study by Suchman found that compared with persons of other ethnic groups in New York City, the Puerto Ricans are more suspicious of scientific medical care, tend to use general health services less, have more limited health horizons than any other ethnic group. Aside from the unsophisticated health practices stemming from a knowledge of Puerto Rican folk medicine, the cultural phenomena of spiritualism plays a significant role in retarding the health status of the Puerto Rican. Puerto Ricans who view illness as possession by evil spirits will consult a medium or curandero(a) for treatment instead a physician. The hot and cold theory of disease has a profound influence on the Puerto Ricans' health status. In the attempt to achieve equilibrium of the four body humors, Puerto Ricans will often disregard a physician's advice which does not conform to this theory. Also, machismo, the concept of male dominance and superiority leads to sexual promiscuity, over-population, venereal disease, family breakdown, early marriage, and a variety of health related problems.