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The great war against venereal disease: How the government used PR to wage an anti-vice campaign

Public Relations Review , Volume 43 , Issue 3 (2017)
William B Anderson

Public information officers’ social media monitoring during the Zika virus crisis, a global health threat surrounded by public uncertainty

Public Relations Review , Volume 43 , Issue 3 (2017)
Elizabeth Johnson Avery

Ebola on Instagram and Twitter: How health organizations address the health crisis in their social media engagement

Public Relations Review , Volume 43 , Issue 3 (2017)
Jeanine PD Guidry , Yan Jin , Caroline A Orr , Marcus Messner , Shana Meganck

Social media and culture in crisis communication: McDonald’s and KFC crises management in China

Public Relations Review , Volume 43 , Issue 3 (2017)
Lin Zhu , Deepa Anagondahalli , Ai Zhang

Biologic variability in mechanical ventilation rate and tidal volume does not improve oxygenation or lung mechanics in canine oleic acid lung injury.

American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine , Volume 161 , Issue 6 (2000)
A J Nam , R G Brower , H E Fessler , B A Simon

Inside front cover

Public Relations Review , Volume 43 , Issue 3 (2017)

Grounding civic engagement in strategic communication for China’s public-health programs: Air-quality campaigns as a case study

Public Relations Review , Volume 43 , Issue 3 (2017)
Ying Hu , Cornelius B Pratt

Phạm Thị , Giáo trình hành vi người tiêu dùng, Kinh tế, TP. Hồ Chí Minh.

L Minh

The influence of canal curvature on the mechanical efficacy of root canal irrigation in vitro using real-time imaging of bioluminescent bacteria.

Journal of endodontics , Volume 32 , Issue 11 (2006)
Donald Nguy , Christine Sedgley

Trịnh Tiến Thanh, Giáo trình hành vi con người và môi trường, Trường cao đẳng nghề Yên Bái, Yên Bái