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History of Kansei engineering and application of artificial intelligence

M Nagamachi
The word “kansei” means human emotion in mind and kansei engineering aims to develop a new product or social system from the customer orientation. It starts an observation of a customer’s behavior, grasps his or her emotion using psychological scaling, and analyzes their emotion using several statistical analyses to lead design items. Finally, we create a new model of product with which customers will satisfy. We create AI soft wares as kansei system that realize the customer’s needed image. He has developed more than 60 different items of Kansei products including soft wares that utilized artificial intelligence. Types of developed products range from refrigerator, camera, brassiere, house, automobile, aircraft and the like. Relating to AI system, he developed many systems such as passenger car interior design, kitchen design, housing design system, brand name search system using artificial intelligence, and virtual reality system in the 1980s. The list below shows the main new products and AI systems until today. © Springer International Publishing AG 2018.
Export Date: 11 December 2017