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European journal of haematology 86 (1): 83-6 (2011)

Bone scan images reveal increased osteoblastic function after bortezomib treatment in patients with multiple myeloma.

Sung-Eun Lee , Chang-Ki Min , Seung-Ah Yahng , Byung-Sik Cho , Ki-Seong Eom , Yoo-Jin Kim , Hee-Je Kim , Seok Lee , Seok-Goo Cho , Dong-Wook Kim , Jong-Wook Lee , Woo-Sung Min , Chong-Won Park
Osteolytic lesions with activated osteoclast (OC) and suppressed osteoblast (OB) activity are characteristics of myeloma bone lesion. Recently, it has been shown that bortezomib treatment enhances OB function. To evaluate the effect of bortezomib on myeloma bone lesions, we performed bone scans, where increased uptake of the radiopharmaceutical by OBs is associated with re-building activity. Bortezomib treatment markedly enhanced bone metabolic activity and increased alkaline phosphatase levels, and decreased monoclonal protein levels. These findings suggest that bortezomib has potent anti-myeloma activity and bone-protecting effects, with enhanced OB function.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0609.2010.01523.x      ISSN: 0902-4441