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The phrase, which also gives me my title, comes from Bill Brandt, “s London,” in Bill Brandt, Camera in London (London: Focal Press, , , reprinted in Bill Brandt: Selected Texts and Bibliography, ed. Nigel Warburton (Oxford, England: Clio Press, , 84-93. Brandt writes, “It is part of the photographer’s job to see more intensely than most people do.


The description of Jarrow as “the town that was murdered” was coined by the town’s Ellen Wilkinson, and later provided the title for her Left Book Club volume, The Town That was Murdered: The Life-Story of Jarrow (London: Victor Gollancz, . In all, nineteen Tyneside shipyards closed in the decade following the First World War and, by approximately 81 percent of the workforce in Jarrow was out of work.

Volume 1931 (1975)
MP Labour

For a detailed account of the Jarrow Crusade, see David Dougan, “The Jarrow March,” in Jarrow March (Jarrow: Bede Gallery, .


Some of the photographs were, however, exhibited in the politically motivated group show Modern Photography at Marx House in Clerkenwell in July most likely at the prompting of Edith Tudor Hart or Brandt’s brother Rolf.

See Modern Photography at Marx House New Statesman 20 no 492 July 27 88 , Volume 1940 (1940)

Bill Brandt, Shadow of Light (London: Bodley Head, ; 2nd ed.

Volume 2 (1977)

If the mug commemorates the coronation of on May , that would place Brandt’s trip to the North East more firmly in the summer of or later.

In his introduction to Shadow of identifies the cup as an coronation mug and it is true that souvenirs were already on sale at the time of Edwards abdication on December 11 There is nothing visible in the print however to settle matters either way , Volume 12 (1936)
VI George , Light Cyril , VIII Edward

There were rarely pithead baths or showers in British mines before the provisions of the Coal Industry Nationalisation Act of came into effect in .

For a compelling description of miners working conditions see Malcolm On Our Backs The Kent Miners and the Miners Strike London Lawrence and Wishart esp chap The Underground World , Volume 2 (1979)
Pitt The

Bill in Camera in London, 46; in London in the Thirties (London: Gordon Fraser, , 17. London in the Thirties was published a year after Brandt’s death in .

Volume 18 (1943)
Brandt Family , Brandt Family

Norah Wilson, “Commentary,” in Camera in London, 43. This commentary, though attributed to Wilson, was certainly written under Brandt’s direction.


Bill Brandt, “Pictures by Night,” in The Rollei Way: The Rolleiflex and Rolleicord Photographer’s Companion, ed. L. A. Mannheim (London and New York: Focal Press, , .