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Journal of vascular research 53 (3-4): 121-127 (2016)

Use of an Image Acquisition Stabilizer Improves Sidestream Dark Field Imaging of the Serosa during Open Gastrointestinal Surgery.

Anthonius F J de Bruin , Arthur Tavy , Koene van der Sloot , Anke Smits , Bert Van Ramshorst , Christiaan E Boerma , Peter Kars , Peter G Noordzij , Djamila Boerma , Mat van Iterson
To investigate whether an image acquisition stabilizer (IAS) mounted on the sidestream dark field camera (SDF) during gastrointestinal surgery improves image stability and acquisition.Serosal SDF imaging was compared with SDF imaging combined with an IAS (SDF + IAS) during gastrointestinal surgery. Stability was assessed as the image drift in pixels and the time to obtain stable images. The success rate was determined as the percentage of analyzable images after recording. The effect of negative pressure from the IAS was determined during single-spot measurements and by comparing microvascular parameters between groups. Data are presented as mean ± SD.Sixty serosal measurements were performed per group; 87% were successful in the SDF group and 100% in the SDF + IAS group (p = 0.003). Image drift in the SDF group was 148 ± 36 versus 55 ± 15 pixels in the SDF + IAS group; p < 0.001. Time to stable image was 96 ± 60 s in the SDF group versus 57 ± 31 s in the SDF + IAS group; p = 0.03. No effect of negative pressure was seen.The use of an IAS mounted on an SDF camera during serosal microvascular assessment improves the success rate of image acquisition and stability and reduces the time to stable image with no effect on the microcirculation.
DOI: 10.1159/000448735      ISSN: 1018-1172