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Intensive care medicine 29 (5): 742-8 (2003)

Gastric hypercarbia and adverse outcome after cardiac surgery.

Minoo N Kavarana , Robert J Frumento , Andrew L Hirsch , Mehmet C Oz , Daniel C Lee , Elliott Bennett-Guerrero
OBJECTIVE: It has been postulated that splanchnic ischemia, as manifested by gastric hypercarbia, helps to trigger excessive systemic inflammation, which has been linked to the development of adverse postoperative outcome. This study examined whether gastric PCO(2) values are associated with adverse outcome in cardiac surgical patients. DESIGN AND SETTING: Prospective cohort study in a tertiary-care hospital. PATIENTS: 43 patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery. INTERVENTIONS: Simultaneous measurements of gastric PCO(2) (using automated air tonometry) and arterial PCO(2) were obtained at the beginning and end of surgery. The difference (gap) between regional PCO(2) and arterial PCO(2) (corrected for temperature) was calculated. Adverse outcome was defined as in-hospital death or prolonged (>10 days) postoperative hospitalization. MEASUREMENTS AND RESULTS: Fourteen patients fulfilled the predefined definition for adverse outcome. Postoperative ICU stay and postoperative hospital length of stay were significantly longer in these patients. At the end of surgery gastric minus arterial PCO(2) gap was significantly larger in patients with adverse outcome. Global hemodynamic and perfusion related variables were not associated with adverse outcome (cardiac index, mean arterial pressure, mixed venous oxygen saturation, arterial lactate, arterial base excess). CONCLUSIONS: Gastric minus arterial PCO(2) gap after surgery is larger in patients with adverse postoperative outcome, which supports the theory that gastrointestinal reduced perfusion is relevant to the pathogenesis of postoperative morbidity.
DOI: 10.1007/s00134-003-1687-1      ISSN: 0342-4642