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Theories of reasoned action and planned behavior as models of condom use: a meta-analysis.

Psychological bulletin , Volume 127 , Issue 1 (2001)
D Albarracín , B T Johnson , M Fishbein , P A Muellerleile

A review of the use of the Health Belief Model (HBM), the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) and the Trans-theoretical Model (TTM) to study and predict health-related behaviour change

Pages: 215
David Taylor , Michael Bury , Natasha Campling , Sarah Carter , Sara Garfied , Jenny Newbould , Time Rennie

Navigating HIV prevention policy and Islam in Malaysia: contention, compatibility or reconciliation? Findings from in-depth interviews among key stakeholders.

BMC public health , Volume 16 (2016)
Sima Barmania , Syed Mohamed Aljunid

Bacterial vaginosis and disturbances of vaginal flora: association with increased acquisition of HIV.

AIDS (London, England) , Volume 12 , Issue 13 (1998)
T E Taha , D R Hoover , G A Dallabetta , N I Kumwenda , L A Mtimavalye , L P Yang , G N Liomba , R L Broadhead , J D Chiphangwi , P G Miotti

ABC Sexually Transmitted Diseases Fifth Editon

Michael Adler , BMJ Books

Unveiling the hidden epidemic: a review of stigma associated with sexually transmissible infections.

Sexual health , Volume 8 , Issue 2 (2011)
Julia E Hood , Allison L Friedman

National Strategic Plan Ending AIDS 2016-2030.

Volume 498 (2017)
Sha'ari Ngadiman , Anita Suleiman , Mohd Nasir et al , Sha'ari Ngadiman , HIV/STI section. Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia

WHO | Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)


Consolidated guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations

World Health Organization 2016 update

Passion, stigma, and STI.

Sexually transmitted infections , Volume 77 , Issue 5 (2001)
G R Kinghorn