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Journal of hand surgery (Edinburgh, Scotland) 13 (3): 286-7 (1988)

Elbow flexion contractures: treatment by anterior release and continuous passive motion.

T F Breen , R H Gelberman , G N Ackerman
We treated three elbows with post-traumatic flexion contractures (mean contracture: 41 degrees) by operative release and post-operative continuous passive motion rehabilitation. Each elbow had been resistant to at least six weeks of conservative therapy. All patients complained of the residual deformity and some functional deficit. All patients, after failure of non-operative therapy, desired operative treatment. At follow-up (mean 12 months), there was a mean post-operative contracture of 5 degrees. Continuous passive motion is recommended as an adjunct to anterior release in patients with resistant elbow flexion contractures.
ISSN: 0266-7681