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  1. Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Bluetongue Virus Infection in Tibetan Sheep and Yaks in Tibetan Plateau, China.

    BioMed research international , Volume 2017 (2017)
    Ma J , Zhang X , Zheng W , Xu Y , Zhu X , Hu G , Zhou D
  2. Excitation wavelength analysis of a laser-induced fluorescence technique for quantification of extra virgin olive oil adulteration.

    Applied optics , Volume 58 , Issue 16 (2019)
    Zhang Y , Li T , Chen H , Chen S , Guo P , Li Y
  3. G. . Research on energy diffusion modeling and simulation analysis of the core enterprise of supply chain financial ecosystem based on Netlogo.

    International Journal of SimulationSystems Science Technology 16 Retrieved from httpswebaebscohostcom A competitive dynamics perspective on evolutionary game theory agentbased modeling and innovation in hightech firms Management Decision (2019)
    Yi-tian H , Zhang R , Sun B
  4. Weems & Eds.). . Building the Black metropolis: African American entrepreneurship in Chicago.

    University of Illinois Press (2017)
    Jr R , Chambers J
  5. H. Haase . Enhancing new product development capabilities of small-and medium-sized enterprises through managerial innovations.

    The Journal of High Technology Management Research doi 101016jhitech04005 , Volume 27 , Issue 1 (2016)
    Woschke T
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